Saturday, December 4, 2010

It Has Been a While

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Well I am back!

Hey guys, this is Robert and I am happy to say I am back at least for this post and hopefully more. I have been quite busy with school and football and everything, but now I can finally say I am now able to commit some time to blogging again. I mean I have definitely missed it. I really liked getting comments, especially from new bloggers who I have yet to learn of! So I guess comment peoples, well only if you actually read this hahah, I still have no idea how many people have actually read my blog, nor do I really care though, but it is always nice to know some people care enough to have some feelings they want to tell me about what I have posted.

Now on to what has been happening in my life since I left off. I went through football season, I played a bit and I even got a fumble recovery on Defense and I never play defense (I actually just don’t like defense so I avoid it whenever possible, but once coach puts you in, you are in lol), but of course I had to embarrass myself and slide of the field! School has been alright, I have some awesome teachers and some not so awesome ones. I currently have 2 A-s 2Bs 2B-s, the classes I really need to bring up are Tig/PreCalc Honors which I only have a B- because of one test which I totally failed, 18/40, and it was just a really off day! Oh yeah on the football thing again, my team went 5-5 and almost when to playoffs, but we did not get in though we really deserved to be in, whatever it sucks, but that happens.

Now on to today, which started when I woke up, put my dogs out, and fed them at 7:15. My parents are away at Maui so I am in charge of the dogs and stuff yeah lol. I then decided not to have any breakfast, I just was not hungry, and brought my dogs in at 7:32 and left my house at 7:34 for school. Okay so I live relatively close to school, it can take between 10 minutes to 3 minutes to get to school based on traffic. Today it was one of those 3 minute days and I blame leaving 3 minutes earlier than normal lol. So I got there with 10 minutes to spare.

I went into my English class, the first period of the day, and started to talk to this girl about Glee and while talking my teacher joined in, she also watches Glee religiously lol, but it does make sense since she is also the drama teacher. Then class started and the teacher made the announcement that she did not feel like doing grammar so we are not gonna do it today AND that since our program is having a comedy group come over and do a show, if we can get 85% of the students in our program to come (234 students) we will either get to choose to not take the Grammar final or the Vocab final. The class went crazy; she is a great teacher and keeps things interesting. We then finished Act II in Othello and watched that act of the film.

Then class ended and I went to the filmmaking lab to take out a camera and tri-pod to use in the making of a movie trailer that we have to make for the class. I then printed out a copy of our script treatment and went to my history teacher to get the trailer approved historically. That is where the problems really began. We pretty much learned that our story was extremely flawed in comparison to how it should be. The teacher of filmmaking, who everyone hates now, has fed us the wrong information and corrupted our projects, so now we are fucked and pissed about this project. Then class started and we worked on some DBQs we wrote, I did okay for my second, but I still need to work more on them. We are still in the precursors to the Civil War in AP US History.

Then, after lunch, where nothing really happened I just went to the library and read about Richard Bachman then left for Chemistry. So I think Chem is my best subject this year, I just naturally understand most of the stuff that is talked about in class, and when I took the test I felt confident in how I did. I received a 58/59 because of the 2 points of extra credit my group and I earned on Wednesday, so I did quite well lol. Then we did a lab about valence electron shell patterns where we got the atom balls and the sticks and made diagrams. Then school finally ended and I left for home.

When I got home I watched some tv for a but until I decided to take a shower and then get ready to go to the big football game tonight. I fed the dogs and then brought then in before I left. I then went and picked up a friend of mine, Kyle, and we complained about our filmmaking teacher on the way to the Falafel Drive-In . When we got there I saw Sean and Jeremy and I ordered a large falafel sandwich and a banana milkshake. OMG the food there is so damn delicious, like wow just amazing! I then drove to the big game and it was really fun. The team I wanted is going to state now. During the game Jeremy introduced us to a friend of his from his old school who is the quarter back of their team, and I have to say he is pretty damn cute ahahha, also he liked making fun of Jeremy so I liked him (don’t worry we all joke around with each other, I mean Sean nickname is Ohio and that is all that most football players call him, and Jeremy is Bubba because he apparently looks like a Bubba and I am RBP). After the good game we all left And decided to meet at 7-11 where I had to go to the bathroom. I saw this one had one so I decided to go in and use it, but when I came back out to the main store the guy was pissed off because I did not ask, but I said I was sorry, but h was just really pissed all night. We then bought our food and stood around Bubba’s car talking about random stuff for half an hour. During that time we noticed the Pilot, the car I am not driving while my parents are away and the Saab is broken, still had its lights on, but I made the stupid decision to not turn them off. When I went to start the car it would not start, so after a whole bunch of time we finally got someone to bring jumper cables and I jumped my car.

That was the 5th time I have had to jump a car. The first was when my battery first broke, then the second time was a but later, and the third time was while I was on a date, the fourth was when I had to help Ohio jump his stupid Volvo Station Wagon which only has a nub for positive, and now I have done it a fifth time. When everything was hooked up, which I had to do all of them because everyone else was to afraid to be electrocuted, which is ironic because are gays not supposed to be the ones that can do mechanical things? Yeah I just broke another stereotype of the gays in comparison to me, YAY!

I then drove home, kept the car on, walked the dogs, and then turned off the car. I am now tired and sleepy in bed and I have an ACT Diagnopstic tomorrow at 10 AM and then a tackle football game at 3 PM where I will also be getting some footage for the movie trailer that is currently in limbo.

Well that is all I have for now, but expect for frequent posts from me and if you ever have a question or need me to clarify anything just ask me!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Well Im happy to hear you are well and somewhat back. I have missed your posts! So how is it that your parents went to hawaii and left you here!? I would protest :-)

    1) sucks about your film class. ur teacher sounds like a prick
    2) chemistry is awesome! I really enjoyed it and even considered doing it in college, but didnt.
    3) yay for teachers that like glee
    4) boo for crappy car batteries, although I am really impressed u were able to fix it yourself. I definitely am IN the stereotype of not being able to do masculine things like jump cars etc :p


  2. @CJ Thank you! Yeah ahha I am happy to see you are back also dude!

    @Steve Thank you lol I still find it weird that people might actually like what I am writing about ahah, I really only do this as a journal so I can remember my life later on.


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