Friday, February 18, 2011


It feels good to just open this window, which I have missed so much.

It has been over four months since I last blogged (I think, let me go check…of course when I go to check I usually just press “b” and blogger is the first website that comes up, but now it is, so of course I was confused for a second lol…okay well 2.5 months for last “post”, but…oh it was a post lmao, totally forgot I blogged about that haha wow, sorry) and I was actually going to try and write this two days ago, but vicodine , weariness, soreness, bleeding, and horniness kind of amount to a lot of jerking off and sleeping rather than typing on a computer for an hour (if you didn’t already know). This post was supposed to be really me reminiscing about the lost year since I started this blog (I was high on pain meds at the time so maybe my judgment wasn’t sound on that idea), but I think instead of thinking about the past I say, “You happened, now if I need I will look you over again, but until then have some fucking fun!” and I am going to talk about the present.

So for those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I have to say (diva rant coming…well faux diva rant coming) do you not CARE about ME!?! I mean am I not SPECIAL, do I not deserve to smoke salvia like its saliva, I mean fuck you guys I am just gonna go get some HOOKers and fuck them while sniffing crushed valium off their cocks! (faux rant done!) Back to the point, for those who don’t follow me on Twitter you probably have no idea what has been going on with me for the past 2.5 months (aka nothing). To catch you up though I have took an SAT class, worried over finals, took the SAT, and got my wisdom teeth removed (four days ago…what I am gonna talk about).

The wisdom teeth have been removed! This happened on Monday to create a nice half day of pleasantry followed by a horrible night!

So that day in order to get ready for my 2:30 appointment where I would not be able to eat for 6 hours prior, I woke up early and had a big breakfast (I had no idea they wanted you to have a light breakfast instead, yeah I know rule breaker) of, ironically, scrambled eggs (like I thought that was all I was really gonna eat the next 3 days after). I then played a bunch of Call of Duty: Black Ops, then took a shower and shaved and it was time to pick up my dad to go and have my fun oral surgery!

Once I pick my dad up from his work, we went to the place and I only had to wait 10 minutes before I was called back. I was almost instantly attached to a ton of machines and had an IV stuck in me (only after the doctor used a freezing spray that actually really helped because I barely felt the needle go in and I hate needles (I was getting queasy thinking about being stuck by it, but it wasn’t bad)) and was asleep in a few seconds.

Now for the part that I probably shouldn’t blog about because hell, even I am getting queasy just thinking about it, so I will go quickish summary. I woke up hazy and was escorted to a chair and my face was numb and I had gauze in my mouth and ice on my face, I was then moved to the car at some point and driven home by my dad. When I got home I somehow went upstairs and rested and tried to watch tv, but it was futile and I fell asleep. When I woke up my lower lip we still horribly numb and my mouth had the worst taste! I changed my gauze, but in the process tried to get blood that was pooling at the bottom of my tongue out, but I started to throw up (I know don’t you just love this story it so fun to tell)! I then went back up and rested, then went back down stairs and tried (tried) to communicate with my parents, but it doesn’t help when you have the hand writing of a doctor and your mom and only worried about you not eating your entire face because it is numb (okay seriously I am getting sick, gonna move on before I have a different movement). Day two was better, used a lot of gauze, at some eggs, and played some COD. Same with day three. Yesterday I had my first real solid food and was happy to say it was good, also I watched a sexy robot pawn people on Jeopardy (wait that was Wednesday, fuck you vicodine and fucking up my memories!)

Today I woke up and read some Grapes of Wrath, which is a great novel, just John Steinbeck wrote some chapters that are too damn long and make nothing happen progressively (like the country back then, I get his point just hate the pace!) and I talked to people on twitter. I then took a shower, shaved horribly (I think it’s my razor it’s too damn big), and then left for my appointment where I only was in for 5 minutes and was given an okay and a syringe that is awesome and can shoot a really cool spray of water! I then went to Cosentino’s and got some groceries and sushi for lunch, which was impossible to eat because of the open holes, but that’s what the syringe is supposed to clean out anyways. I then read more GoW and watched some tv. Yeah I know exciting day, but whatever. So this is me blogging again and since I think I think I am gonna have this be titled “Surprise” I will put a picture of a Adam Levine naked with hands covering his junk (yes I will put a picture of a twink as well for good measure xp)!


Life putters and wanders (I think that was my sign-off lol),


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