Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Little Stories

Well it seems I get ready to blog and I totally forget what I have done before to see if I need to update you all. BRB!

Well okay yeah nothing has really happened with my sister, she still likes me more and we are getting along better and everything. So yeah that is good ahhaha.

While checking my blog I decided to look at what day my first blog post was because of a comment Billy made. Well I guess I am happy to report, tomorrow will be the 6 month anniversary of my blog! I do not know how I was able to blog everyday from February 16th till June 29th, but I did. In that time I came out to Kathryn, Bri (because Kathryn used her to figure me out lol), A, Rosie (my sister), and Nick (this week because I was hanging with A and he is great friends with A and I just decided to blurt it out, actually I do have something to say about that...later though). My life has been so different since I found blogs over a year ago and started my blog around 6 months ago and I do not regret it.

Okay now I have to decide whether to tell the Nick story or the Twitter story. Eehh lets go chronologically.

So Wednesday I was hanging with A and Nick at Starbucks. We were outside and there was a lull in the conversation and I decided to use it to just say, “So Nick you know I am gay, right?”

Nick responds, “Yeah, Robert, I do. And I saw your blog on this guy’s computer.” I start to think, FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!! WHERE DID HE SEE MY BLOG???!?!?!??!

So I ask him, “Where did you see my blog?” I was trying not to sound worried, but I was freaking out.

So what happened is, Nick was hanging with A and a gay friend of A’s from All-State for band, Justin. Justin knows me….well not really KNOWS me….but he knows be because I “connected” with him on the GYC. I think Justin looked through my profile and decided to open the link at the bottom to my blog. I then think that Nick and A came over to hang or something and, since Justin had my blog open on his computer, Nick saw it. I think he looked through it and read my profile and thought, “OH I know this guy!”

So yeah I do not know if those are the facts, but the next time I get him alone I am going to ask. But yeah, Justin, if you do read my blog, then I guess I should say thanks a bit because I mean it did make coming out to Nick just that little bit easier….well that and A telling him ahahha.

Now it is time to make all of those crazy ass tweets I have been tweeting make sense!

So Friday I was on some chat rooms because I was bored. I was looking for guys in CA to talk to. So this one guy says he is 17 and from CA, so I decide to private him. I ask where he lives and he says the Bay Area. I say me too, and where from. He tells me where, and I decide to Google it. He is ONE hour away! I get really excited and tell him that. He becomes interested and we decide to chat on MSN.

So we chat on MSN and the first thing I see is his profile picture…I DIE!!! I mean, you know the pictures of the guys I put on here, well let’s just say eh is one of them!!!! So I tell him that. He totally denies that and asks for a picture of me. I send him my new profile picture and he says, “dammmm ur a cutie”. So we then just start talking and we do a really long Q&A and I start it develop on crush on him. And I mean I think he might have one on me IDK. So we just talked and got to know each other, and I mean apparently he is a nerd, loves to read, we have similar interest in music, he is so cute, he is nice, he is romantic, and best of all he is weird! I mean I have no idea why he even thinks I am cute, but I don’t really care. So at 10:05 my parents get home and I decide to greet them. I say “BRB parents.”

I go downstairs and talk to them for 5 minutes, and then I come back upstairs and see he is offline. I start to get really sad because I now think he is uninterested and it just kills me. I mean he seemed really into me and I just mope around and decide to just go to sleep.

I wake up 3 times that night. Each time I check my computer to see if eh is on or said sorry or something. I then just figure eh blocked me and it is over. I am sad all the next day, but I still cannot get him out of my head. I check MSN constantly, but I do decide to try and get some work done. At 5, he comes on. I become really happy just to see he did not block me! I decide not to IM him unless he IMs me first. A few seconds later L IMs and saying, “heyyyyyyyyyy sowwy about last nite we lost everything tv internet so lame” That just made, we talked for an hour and I really do hope we meet soon.

Okay I am going to stop here, I actually need to try and do stuff today. Well okay bye.

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. you crazy bitch. now everything makes sense. i thought you might have gone emo or coockoo. i'm very happy for you :o)

  2. yaaay! wow that sounds promising :-) and yes that makes a lot more sense, but wow man your emotions are really up and down just for a simple msn convo! I mean I just hope everything goes really well and you dont get hurt. Idk Ive had those experiences before and had the dramatic up down as well. i think its normal, but idk I guess its typical to try to warn ppl against things that might hurt them :p but at they say, no risk, no reward!

    Good luck :-) I hope you meet him soon too and fall in love and have like a million babies :-)


  3. Ok Robert, today's August 20th. For 5 nights I've been having bad dreams worrying about what happens next in your adventures with mystery boy from the Bay area. And your next updated post will be when????




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